Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Favorite Time Of Year - In A Very Special Place

My sister and her husband first discovered Little Compton and raised their family here. We raised ours on the move as a Navy family. When it came time to retire we decided we had to come to Little Compton. As we were furnishing our home my sister taught me about antiques. She had an antique store here for many years. Before long we knew how we would be keeping ourselves busy while retired - Holly Lane Antiques!

Little Compton is just across the Sakonnet River from Newport where we were raised but it was an area I never visited until my sister lived here. It is definitely a little piece of paradise! No traffic lights and no street signs until someone decided to make them a couple of winters ago. The locals always felt they were unnecessary since they knew their way around.

As you drive the country roads of Little Compton you can't help but be aware of the stone walls - everywhere!

"The stone walls of Little Compton, R.I., a town of 3,593 people across the Sakonnet River from Newport, have been impressing people for a long time. Thomas Church, who represented the town in the colonial legislature in the early 1700's, when it was still part of Massachusetts, told his colleagues that there were enough stone walls to reach from Little Compton to Boston, 74 miles. They refused to believe him, and Church returned home to check his facts.

At the next session of the General Court, he announced that he had been in error: there were enough to reach from Little Compton to Boston -- and back again.

Many of these early walls are still standing, thanks to accidents of Little Compton's history, a location far enough off the beaten track to discourage developers and land too rocky for large-scale farming. They line the wide roads laid out by the first settlers; they surround the open fields that gaze down on the water; they are made of gneiss granite or slate, depending on the part of town, which covers 21.6 square miles, and they continue to impress people."SUSAN ALLPORT, the author of ''Sermons in Stone: The Stone Walls of New England and New York''

The United Congregational Church sits at the center of the Town Common. This town landmark is surrounded by an historical cemetery.

This cemetery could be the topic of its own blog. These two stones are especially interesting - one being that of Simeon Palmer and the one next to it with an inscription reading - " In memory of Elizabeth who should have been the wife of Simeon Palmer who died Aug 14 1776 in the 64 year of her age"

Little Compton on a sunny September day is my favorite time of year.

Most feel that summer is the special time in this small New England town. Many travel to their summer homes here from throughout the North East and even further. In September the beaches are returned to the seagulls and are perfect for a wonderful beach walk and a warm evening dinner at the beach without the summer crowds.

The local farm stands are bursting with the colors of the season.

Among the flowers of September my favorite is the Pee Gee Hydrangea. The large white flowers of the summer turn a wonderful rose in September.

Sunflowers and mums will always be favorites of fall.

I wish I could take you with me for a ride through these country roads on a sunny September day - my favorite time of year here in Little Compton. The trees are just beginning to change color.

The days are quickly getting shorter and the afternoon shadows are getting longer.

The signs of what is coming too fast are already here -

And the holly is filled with berries

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We participate in Antique Shows most weekends during the summer. It is difficult to leave Little Compton but such a nice place to come home to. The sign on our booth prompts many shared memories from our booth visitors of this special place they have visited and they wistfully think about returning some day soon. And recently my husband's doctor commented that he and his wife had driven to Little Compton and it reminded him of driving through England.

For me - Little Compton is a special place to live - Especially In September!