Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blue And White - A Collector's Delight -

Drainer Willow Pattern

"A beautiful sale filled to the brim with antiques, every wall and surface covered...beautifully and artfully displayed by this avid collector many different collections...transfer ware in many colors...and loads of flow blue...A treasure trove of items rarely seen in such groupings and collections" from an email I received last week.

Antique Flow Blue Large Plate Sciro Challinor

How could I resist this estate sale? We were flying into California for our grand daughter's wedding and arriving late Thursday night. Friday morning after a scheduled doctor's appointment - could we / should we - drive the hour and a half to attend this estate sale? Would it really be as special as promised in this email? We did and it was! It was unbelievable!

Antique Blue Transfer Ware Plate Medina Pattern

This lovely lady was a true lover of blue and white. Even arriving a good two hours after the opening we found the walls of this small house still covered with blue transfer ware and flow blue pieces. Every wall was covered with a collection of some sort and most of it was blue and white. I was indeed like the proverbial "kid in a candy store". As much as I looked I just could not see it all - more than a bit overwhelming! We left the sale with over 20 pieces of antique flow blue and blue transfer ware. Most of these are being listed in our stores on Ruby Lane and Tias Antique Arts and of course, will be available for sale at the Antiques Shows we will be participating in for the rest of the summer season.

Antique Flow Blue Oval Platter Watteau Pattern

There is nothing quite like a collection of blue and white. It works well in a cottage setting or in a more formal one. It is cool and soothing ... tranquil and refreshing ... peaceful and relaxing... restful and calm ... and just makes you want to smile. And how lovely it works along with Antique Early English White Ironstone - my true passion. "The classic colors of sea and sky have long inspired collectors and captured the hearts of many around the world. Sophisticated hues of blue—from delicate pastel to deep, bold navy—evoke a tranquil yet often vibrant mood, while soft white tones remind us of peaceful summer days." Victoria Magazine

Antique Flow Blue Plate Chinese Plant A S Knight

A bit of history - Blue and white chinaware has been with us for centuries with its beginnings in China. When we speak of its production in terms of England, we may go back as far as 1790s. TRANSITIONAL STAGES OF BLUE AND WHITE TRANSFERWARE CHINA

Drainers were originally paired with platters - also called mezzanines. Most have become separated from their platters through the years. They have now become popular as decorator items. These are in the classic Willow pattern. Drainers are usually quite difficult to find and we were delighted to find the three pictured in this collection.

Antique Blue Transfer Ware Tooth Brush Holder Oriental

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Antique Flow Blue Plate Marie Pattern

New Treasures From This Estate Collection Continue To Be Added Daily

Antique Flow Blue Plate Floral Design

Antique Flow Blue Large Plate Salem John Edwards