Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Shopping At Holly Lane Antiques At The Del Mar Antique Show -

Wedgwood Cobalt Florentine China With Floral Center
Silver Vintage Pattern With Hollow Handles

Holly Lane Antiques recently participated at the Del Mar Antique Show. This is a wonderful large antiques show in Southern California held at the fairgrounds in Del Mar just north of San Diego.

Our booth showed a sampling of the many antique treasures we currently have in our two internet stores - Ruby Lane and Antique Arts. As always our collection of Early English White Ironstone was impressive. We have a large selection of Antique Haviland Limoges China and always try to bring pieces with pink flowers trimmed in gold to the shows since they seem to be the most popular patterns. We currently have many pieces of antique and vintage glass - some purpled. This glass along with special antique and vintage silver pieces and linens completed our booth.

Antiques make such special and unique holiday gifts and an antiques show is the perfect place to do your holiday shopping. Browse our booth pictures and find a treasure for a gift or for you. Many of the items are available in one of our internet stores - links below.

Hawkes Stems Strawberry & Diamond Pattern
Royal Crown Derby Plates - Green Border Partridge Design
EAPG Pitchers
Pair European Porcelain Lidded Jars
Green Depression Glass Stems
Silver Triple Candleholders

Antique Haviland Limoges China Ramekin Sets Schleiger 349
Sterling Lid Vanity Jar

Purple Transferware Drainer & Plates
Flow Blue Plates

Early English White Ironstone Ewers & Pitchers
Chain Of Tulips Shape Ewer
Fuchsia Shape Ewer
Late Tulip Shape Ewer
Ceres Shape Pitcher
Panelled Grape Pitcher

EAPG Cordials
Silver Vanity Jar

Antique Haviland Limoges Pitchers
Heisey Individual Sugar & Creamer Orchid Pattern

Blue Transferware Platter California Pattern
Barley Twist English Candleholders
Blue Transferware Plates
Flow Blue Covered Tureen
Framed Quilt Block
Parfait Stems Iced Blue Bases

Royal Crown Derby Imari Pieces
Haviland Limoges Pedestal Reticulated Compote

Antique Haviland Limoges Princess 5 O'Clock Cups & Saucers
Depression Glass Tumblers Royal Lace Pattern
Silver Pitcher
Royal Crown Derby Partridge Plate
Silver Muffineer / Shaker
Haviland Limoges Butter Pats
Haviland Limoges Plate Cup & Saucer Schleiger 1114

Bavarian Ramekin Sets Boston Pattern

Brown Transferware Coffee Pot Sugar & Creamer

Early English White Ironstone Collection

Antique Haviland Limoges Tea Pot & Creamer
Haviland Limoges Platter With Hand Painted Accents
Silver Sugar Tongs

Depression Glass Green Stems
Silver Triple Candle Holders
Set Of English Commemorative Spoons

Antique Haviland Limoges China
Schleiger 146 Covered Tureen
Schleiger 146 Creamer
Several Plates With Roses & Forget Me Nots Pattern
Butter Pats
Glass Pitcher

Ramekin Sets Germany
Limoges Gravy Bowl
Cranberry Glass Pitcher
Silver Tea Strainers

Early English White Ironstone Collection

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Brimfield From A New Perspective -

The Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show happens three weeks a year and it has come to define Brimfield, Mass. As one of the largest outdoor markets of its kind, this show draws thousands from all over the United States and further to the 21 fields of antiques and collectibles along a nearly mile-long stretch of Route 20.

We have visited Brimfield for many years joining these throngs of people in search of special treasures we would resell in our antiques business or in many cases keep for our own collection - for at least a while. And each time we visited we always were sure to do so on Friday of the Brimfield week so we could visit what has come to be our favorite field - J & J. It is the largest field and we have always considered it the most special field.

Mr. Gordon Reid Sr. created the first outdoor Brimfield show with sixty-seven dealers exhibiting in a large field behind his home in September 1959. J&J Promotions holding their show on the original Auction Acres continue the 4th generation of their family operated show. From 1959 till the late 1970's Auction Acres was the Brimfield Show. Thanks to the Reid Family the Brimfield event has grown to 21 shows along a one-mile stretch on Route 20 in this small Central Massachusetts community.

We would usually attend Brimfield on Wednesday and visit several fields but Friday has always been our favorite day reserved for the J & J field. And as we would wander this field we would often think we should be here selling at this field. Several years ago we inquired and when we found out that setup was after 8 pm on Thursday night - in the dark - followed by a couple of hours of sleep in your vehicle before the 6 am opening we decided that was not for us. It usually takes us many hours to set up our booth for antiques shows - the quickest for a small outdoor show being easily 3 hours. So we have continued to attend Brimfield as a buyer not as a seller.

At the other shows we have participated in dealers talk of the great successes they have at Brimfield even with the present economy and many looking at our booth say you belong at the J & J field. So we inquired again about the possibility. Now the field doesn't open until 8 am. That is a plus for us - we think - will that make it more possible to do this show? In August after a frustrating summer of antiques shows with lots of lookers and compliments and not enough sales we decided we should give it a try. They had space for us and there were still tents available.

So here we are - Monday of Brimfield week - still deciding what we will bring to Brimfield. The tent is larger than we have ever had - 20 feet by 20 feet - big enough for 7 tables! The most we have ever had at past shows was 5 tables. Oops! Will need 2 more table covers! We will rent a van and now wonder will we be able to fit enough in the van to fill 7 tables? We would like to also bring some furniture. Packing on Thursday will be our first challenge. Do we have enough to sell - most definitely! I have had dreams / nightmares? of my bins full of Early English White Ironstone and Antique Haviland Limoges China jumping up and down saying - take me! - take me! - as if they were small children wanting to be chosen for a new adventure. And then the bins of vintage glass and other collectible china chime in. After all - this is a new adventure for all of us!

The next challenge will be the setup - in the dark. We will need some sort of lantern. Seems the promise of Hurricane Earl last week has wiped out the stores of such lanterns. Please restock quickly! We have decided rather than be there for 8 pm setup we will try to go to bed early - is it dark yet at 7 pm? - and get up at 1 am and drive to Brimfield for a 4 am setup - yes - still in the dark! Four hours til opening - how set up will be be by the 8 am opening? We will do our best and will probably be adding to our display for a few hours after opening.

The weather forecast is perfect! I can't remember a more perfect Brimfield week for weather. The excitement is building! Every thought seems to be Brimfield related. Can we really do this? Our girls think we are crazy - too old to be doing such! Sometimes we agree with them! But when something has been nagging at you for years don't you just have to give it a try?

Yes - We still plan on shopping at our usual fields at Brimfield on Wednesday. I am sure even that day will take on a new meaning since we will know we will be a part of this Brimfield adventure in just a couple of days.

On Friday this week Holly Lane Antiques will be seeing Brimfield from a new perspective - Selling at our favorite field - J & J - in Space E - 03 - near the front and the red barn. If you are at Brimfield please come by and see us and reassure us that we are not too old for this new adventure.

We will definitely bring our beautiful large collection of Early English White Ironstone and even include a few pieces from my private collection. We will have to be satisfied with a large sampling of our Antique Haviland Limoges China including a Chocolate Set, a Tea Set, and a rare Chamber Set and of course what remains of our Meadow Visitors - quickly dwindling! As always our booth will be accented with vintage glass, silver and English linens - and if there is room in the van some special pieces of small furniture.

We hope to see you at Brimfield!

Notes on our adventure will continue.....

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Difficult Summer -

Elm Bank July 24 25 2010

It has been a difficult summer this year.

Holly Lane Antiques has had to run in second place behind cleaning out my parent's house and working on estate matters. Just what does an antiques dealer with expertise in Early English White Ironstone and Antique Haviland Limoges China do with a house full of 1940's mahogany furniture and Asian accessories? I am totally out of my comfort zone.

Osterville August 21 2010

We have tried to continue with our summer Antiques Shows schedule and escaping into the world we know has been a welcome relief. We are looking forward to participating in a new show next weekend at Hyannis on Cape Cod. Marvin Getman is a great show promoter and if anyone can make a success of a new show in this economy he can. It will run Saturday and Sunday - August 28th and 29th.

Little Compton August 7 2010

For the first time we will be selling our treasures at September Brimfield instead of just being there looking for treasures to sell. We will be in the J & J field September 10th and 11th - Friday and Saturday of Brimfield week. This has always been our favorite field to visit and was our first choice when we decided to be a part of Brimfield. If you have never visited Brimfield during one of the three weeks it is open during the summer you have missed a real antiques adventure. Plan to visit this September and if you do, come find Holly Lane Antiques at J & J's field. We would love the opportunity to meet our internet followers!

Little Compton August 7 2010

At both of these shows we will be featuring our large collection of Early English White Ironstone - setting off all of that beautiful white with blue transferware. We will also have a sampling of our many patterns of antique Haviland Limoges china and bring what remains of the large selection of the rare Meadow Visitors pattern of Haviland that we purchased at auction last summer including this asparagus dish and butter basket. As always - our china displays are accented with beautiful English linens and vintage silver and glass.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Tiverton 4 Corners Antiques Show - July 3 2010 -

Always A Wonderful Antiques Show!
A Perfect Country Day!
Special Antiques!
Special People!

I decided to try a booth in patriotic colors this year and was pleased with the results.

My Early English White Ironstone collection was perfect with red and blue English Transferware to give me the desired effect.

Since we were live close by we were able to include some of our early country furniture pieces

A Perfect Day At A Country Antiques Show!
Perhaps Next Year You Can Visit Us There!

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