Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Fig Shape ~ Early English White Ironstone -

Collectors treasure pieces of Early English White Ironstone in the Fig Shape.

The embossed foliated patterns are most charming and reflected the foliage from the orchards and leaves from the oak, maple, grape and ivy. The curling branches often encircled the ironstone bodies with clusters of leaves nestled under the handles and spouts. The finials are wonderful representations of the fruits. The favorite Fig Shape was manufactured by both Davenport and J Wedgwood in the 1850's.

This Covered Tureen is an exquisite example of the Fig Shape. It has an eight sided body and the handles are completely covered with the embossed leaf pattern. The fig finial is outstanding! It was potted by Wedgwood in 1856.

The Sauce Tureen pictured shows the similarities in this shape with the two potters. This was done by Davenport in 1856. It also has an eight sided body, heavily embossed handles and a fig finial.

Platters, Plates and Bowls were also made in this much sought after shape. Since they were the most used pieces they are difficult to locate today.

The eight sided shape makes these pieces most special and the embossed design is charming!

Tea Pots in general have always been a favorite of mine and this early one in the Fig Shape is among my most special. The concave paneled body is wonderful and just look at the detail on its spout! The embossed Fig design encircles the lower body. This teapot is by Wedgwood dating to 1856.

This sugar repeats all the beautiful details of the Fig Shape and finishes this perfection with the perfect Fig finial. This piece is also Wedgwood made.

And not to be left behind the simple relish dish is far from simple in this highly collectible Fig Shape. It is completely covered in embossed leaves and fruit. Davenport potted this exquisite piece.

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