Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Antiques Shows -



June 4 - Heritage Museum - Sandwich Ma - Cape Cod
June 11 & 12 - Antiques At Elm Bank - Ma Horticultural Center - Wellesley Ma
June 18 - Grafton Historical Society - Grafton Ma
June 25 - Brewster Historical Society - Drummer Boy Park - Brewster Ma - Cape Cod
July 2 - Tiverton Antiques Show - Four Corners - Tiverton RI
July 15 & 16 - J & J Field - Brimfield Ma
August 18 - Osterville Historical Society Antiques Show - Osterville Ma - Cape Cod
August 27 - Falmouth Historical Society Antiques Show - Falmouth Ma - Cape Cod

Monday, May 23, 2011

Brimfield - Spring 2011 -

Why are we doing this?

I can't tell you how many times I asked myself that question on May 13 and 14. The first time was when I tried to go to bed on May 12 at 7pm with the sun still shining on one of the rare days it has been out this dreary wet Spring in RI. And the question became louder when the alarm went off at 1 in the morning. Why? We were off to set up at the J & J Field at Brimfield. There was a 2 hour drive and the show would open at 8 - and we had all those bins full of fragile antique treasures to open and set up - in the dark ?!?!

Many at Brimfield don't bother with the frills of a set up but I am me and take great pride in how my booth appears whether I am at a fine Antiques Show in Pasadena California or outside at an Historical Antiques Day at Cape Cod or in a tent at Brimfield. With our lanterns - in the dark - somehow we made it happen. One of our daughters joined in to help. I think she was mainly there to see how crazy her parents really were but her help was invaluable.

Perhaps all the details weren't perfect when the show opened at 8 - but

Holly Lane Antiques looked pretty good -

Enjoy! -

So - Back to my question - Why are we doing this?

It is wonderful to have our two stores on the internet at Ruby Lane and Tias Antique Arts. But interacting with the people is what brings the most joy to the selling of antiques. Sharing a bit of history with newcomers to antiques who are about to begin a collection to sharing the joy of collecting with someone who has just found the perfect piece to add to their collection - in your booth - and listening to the stories and memories triggered by something seen there. We wear many hats from a historian to a resource to a decorator and everything in between. It is definitely the people who make it all worth while!

Our experience at Brimfield this May was a very good one - the weather was perfect - the people and the sales were great and we were able to share it all with our daughter.

Many of the items pictured are still available for purchase

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Surrounded By White -

Hyacinth & Beaded Handle Soup Tureens - Hyacinth Sauce Tureen

Early this month we attended the White Ironstone China Association annual convention in York Pa. This convention is a wonderful immersion into this early English pottery with so much to see and learn in the company of the nicest people - many even more addicted to early White Ironstone than I am. Is that really possible?

There are many opportunities to purchase wonderful pieces of English White Ironstone from the Tops & Bottoms Sale the first evening - to the Auction with over two hundred items available - to the Sunday Morning Sale. Most of those attending this convention are collectors and as their collections get too large some of their treasures need to be moved aside for new acquisitions. The many special items included in the auction are these pieces.

We came home with a car full of white treasures - many of which will be available for purchase in our internet stores on Ruby Lane and Tias Antique Arts. However, since I favor the pieces with floral embossing many of those will remain in my private collection - at least for a while.

The charming small sauce tureens were plentiful and we came home with ten of these precious treasures. And at the other end of the spectrum we now have two new large soup tureens - one with its matching under plate. I have a customer in California who has a variety of the sauce tureens and serves soup in them to her guests - with each having their own unique shape.

Squash On Vine Shape - Paneled Grape Shape - Victor Shape

I have always been drawn to early White Ironstone pitchers and ewers especially those with the floral shapes such as these -

Forget Me Not Shape and Wheat in the Meadow Shape

Shown here along with Ceres Shape, Leaf & Thumbprint Shape, Budded Vine Shape

My newest fascination is the early tea pots. I just love the form of the Chinese Shape and Fig Shape and the simplicity of the Sevres Shape.

Bath pieces are becoming more and more difficult to find - the brush and razor boxes and soap dishes. We were lucky enough to locate a matched pair in the Hanging Basket Shape. These pieces leave the bath quite often in today's life style. A customer of mine uses them on her buffet table to hold all sorts of small food items.

Wonderful relish dishes were available and leaf shapes seem to be the theme of those I purchased.

Fig Union Shape - Lily Of The Valley Shape - Potomac Shape - Along With Leaf Shapes

These two covered tureens are just exquisite in their shapes -

Fig Shape and Berlin Swirl Shape

Platters in a variety of sizes and plates completed our purchases. So very useful and food looks so appealing on white.

Morning Glory Shape, Baltic Shape, Athens Shape Platters
Ribbed Cookie Plate
Corn & Oats Plates
Fig Shallow Bowl

Please visit our internet stores if you see something you would like to add to your collection - links below.

Better still - Come visit our booth at one of the many Antiques Shows we will be participating in this summer in New England - and see and touch these special pieces of early English White Ironstone.

We have just returned from Brimfield and some of these pieces are no longer available.

Our next show is an exciting experience - Antiques at Elm Bank - June 11 and 12 - on the grounds of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. Just imagine white tents full of antiques nestled amongst beautiful gardens! My favorite combination - antiques and flowers - Wonderful!

Holly Lane Antiques is located across from the goddesses

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Experiencing Spring In Rhode Island ~

We recently traveled to Rhode Island to begin our summer schedule of Antiques Shows starting with the J & J Field at Brimfield this week.

Our first impression was that our corner of Rhode Island hadn't been told - It Is Spring! On a sunny day last week I set out for my walk along these country roads. I began by admiring our magnolia tree - the one sign of spring in our very dreary yard.

The sky was the most wonderful blue - a blue we don't ever quite see in California. It was definitely a "good to be alive day"! But just look at those bare branched trees.

Looking down - the dandelions are here - and wait - there are teeny flowers mixed in - so very close to the ground.

And this wonderful patch of purple color - again so very close to the ground -

And a stray brave flower that knows Spring is here -

A few trees are trying to wake up - so slowly.

Yellow is definitely the color of Spring - Forsythia!

A few remaining daffodils -

And Marsh Marigolds -

The sound of the babbling water adds to the joy of this day!

Wonderful color in a neighbor's yard -

And home to my beautiful magnolia

And to find that the Osprey have returned again this year to their nest high up in our tall pine tree.

Yes - Spring is showing itself in Little Compton a little more each day!