Monday, May 23, 2011

Brimfield - Spring 2011 -

Why are we doing this?

I can't tell you how many times I asked myself that question on May 13 and 14. The first time was when I tried to go to bed on May 12 at 7pm with the sun still shining on one of the rare days it has been out this dreary wet Spring in RI. And the question became louder when the alarm went off at 1 in the morning. Why? We were off to set up at the J & J Field at Brimfield. There was a 2 hour drive and the show would open at 8 - and we had all those bins full of fragile antique treasures to open and set up - in the dark ?!?!

Many at Brimfield don't bother with the frills of a set up but I am me and take great pride in how my booth appears whether I am at a fine Antiques Show in Pasadena California or outside at an Historical Antiques Day at Cape Cod or in a tent at Brimfield. With our lanterns - in the dark - somehow we made it happen. One of our daughters joined in to help. I think she was mainly there to see how crazy her parents really were but her help was invaluable.

Perhaps all the details weren't perfect when the show opened at 8 - but

Holly Lane Antiques looked pretty good -

Enjoy! -

So - Back to my question - Why are we doing this?

It is wonderful to have our two stores on the internet at Ruby Lane and Tias Antique Arts. But interacting with the people is what brings the most joy to the selling of antiques. Sharing a bit of history with newcomers to antiques who are about to begin a collection to sharing the joy of collecting with someone who has just found the perfect piece to add to their collection - in your booth - and listening to the stories and memories triggered by something seen there. We wear many hats from a historian to a resource to a decorator and everything in between. It is definitely the people who make it all worth while!

Our experience at Brimfield this May was a very good one - the weather was perfect - the people and the sales were great and we were able to share it all with our daughter.

Many of the items pictured are still available for purchase

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