Sunday, May 8, 2011

Experiencing Spring In Rhode Island ~

We recently traveled to Rhode Island to begin our summer schedule of Antiques Shows starting with the J & J Field at Brimfield this week.

Our first impression was that our corner of Rhode Island hadn't been told - It Is Spring! On a sunny day last week I set out for my walk along these country roads. I began by admiring our magnolia tree - the one sign of spring in our very dreary yard.

The sky was the most wonderful blue - a blue we don't ever quite see in California. It was definitely a "good to be alive day"! But just look at those bare branched trees.

Looking down - the dandelions are here - and wait - there are teeny flowers mixed in - so very close to the ground.

And this wonderful patch of purple color - again so very close to the ground -

And a stray brave flower that knows Spring is here -

A few trees are trying to wake up - so slowly.

Yellow is definitely the color of Spring - Forsythia!

A few remaining daffodils -

And Marsh Marigolds -

The sound of the babbling water adds to the joy of this day!

Wonderful color in a neighbor's yard -

And home to my beautiful magnolia

And to find that the Osprey have returned again this year to their nest high up in our tall pine tree.

Yes - Spring is showing itself in Little Compton a little more each day!

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