Friday, May 8, 2009

White! White! White!

Holly Lane Antiques spent last weekend at the WICA ( White Ironstone China Association ) convention in Chautaugua New York. We loved every minute spent surrounded with wonderful Antique White Ironstone and all the nice people who are also addicted to it. We purchased many special pieces of Early English White Ironstone at the auction and sale. Some of these will become part of our private collection but many of them will be available beginning today at our Antique Arts store -

Our purchases include teapots such as this Lion's Head Shape by John Edwards

and this Walled Octagon Shape by Jacob Furnival

We also purchased many pitchers and ewers in a variety of sizes. We are especially fond of pitchers and ewers. This Vintage Shape By E Challinor features embossed vines and grapes.

The Scalloped Decagon by Davenport has a wonderful classic shape.

As does this Grape Octagon Shape ewer. These classic lines are a favorite among the traditionalists.

I continue to favor those with floral embossing such as this Fuschia Shape ewer by Meakin.

One of my favorites from the convention is this brush box in the Pear Shape by Henry Alcock. The finial is most special!

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  1. Oh what I would do for that collection. Simply beautiful!

  2. This is a beautiful collection. I love your blog and will visit it often. I've added myself as a follower, and am following you on twitter.