Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Antique Haviland Limoges - Meadow Visitors - Revisited

Holly Lane Antiques recently purchased a life long collection of the very special Meadow Visitors Pattern of Antique Haviland Limoges china.

The Meadow Visitors pattern is an exquisite pattern and difficult to find. This early and unique pattern of Haviland dates to 1876 - 1899 and has been identified by Arlene Schleiger as #1155. Each piece of Haviland Meadow Visitors features different grasses, flowers, birds and butterflies and is highlighted with hand touched enamel accents.

We are always excited to see the unique and various combinations of butterflies and birds placed so creatively on this china. However, we were surprised to become aware of the variety of blanks that were used with this pattern.

In an earlier post several plates were pictured on the smooth blank to emphasize the uniqueness of the pattern on each plate.

In this collection we also found this pattern on the Osier Blank #211 with an embossed basketweave border, the napkin fold blank #1118 and the gently scalloped blank #4.

Edge trim on the smooth blank can vary from gold to a variety of colors.

This rare covered tureen with 4 corner handles is wonderful with its ridged blank.

And this ice cream dish has a blank reminiscent of a shell.

The Haviland china decorators were also very creative combining the Meadow Visitors butterflies with fruit and other flowers and also using color in backgrounds and borders.

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