Friday, August 21, 2009

Holly Lane Antiques Returns To SoWa

Holly Lane Antiques returned to the SoWa Antiques Market earlier this month. We again enjoyed the atmosphere at this market. Simply - everyone is so happy in these surroundings with the combined Antiques Market, Arts and Crafts Market and Farmers Market. On this Sunday there was the addition of many artists booths from New York. We found the visitors to our booth to be a pleasant mix of local Bostonians along with summer tourists who were delighted to have found SoWa.

The wind breaks added to the windows helped greatly to eliminate the breakage we had experienced at previous SoWas. However, the pigeons are still attracted to our white ironstone. It is a wonderful collection for all to be excited about - even pigeons!

The highlight of my day was my conversation with Joyce - a lovely lady who is so lucky to have inherited a large set of antique Haviland Feu de Four china. Few de Four is rare and beautiful Haviland china in which the flowers and colors vary. However, they all have the soft muted tones that result from the manner in which they were made. Transfers were placed on top of the glaze with an additional firing at the foot of the kiln where the temperature was lower. This process itself being quite costly resulted in this china not being produced to the extent other Haviland china was produced. It has become very popular among collectors today and is quite scarce making for a difficult search. Joyce realizes how special her collection is and is loving being able to have it to enjoy. She remembers as a child it was always kept very high and out of reach.

An example of Haviland Feu de Four china

We will return to the SoWa Antiques Market September 13th and look forward to spending the day with new and old friends.

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