Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Treat For My Senses -

I have always been drawn to antique and vintage linens and have developed a true fondness for those trimmed with wide crochet lace.

First, it was the beautiful tablecloths I found from England. They were unlike any I had ever seen before. So elegant - most likely for a special tea! From a time gone by when stress was replaced with time to enjoy beautiful things.

Then I happened onto pillowcases trimmed with the beautiful crochet lace. These I am told are being found in attic hope chests and were part of the trousseau collections young girls worked on to bring to their marriages. There is a vendor at the Rose Bowl where I am able to purchase these who periodically visits the East Coast and climbs into attics and find them - very often in unused condition. It really makes one wonder at the stories behind these treasures of antique linens.

When we traveled in Italy we were aware that our bathrooms had cotton towels not the plush towels we use here. And now I am finding these also with the wonderful wide crochet trim - mostly from England. These have become my recent antique linen addiction. I just love them! And have to wonder how something meant to be used daily has survived in such wonderful condition. Perhaps these are like the pillowcases and were part of a trousseau and never used - just waiting for prince charming to arrive.

Could it be in our world of so many colors I am drawn to these linens because of their whiteness - so simple and elegant at the same time? That could be true - perhaps that also explains my love of early English White Ironstone. Or maybe it is the feel of the purity of the cotton and linen fabrics of times gone by - before all the synthetics were added. Or maybe it is the English connection - a country I have always wanted to visit but never have.

Not to be forgotten are the small bits and pieces - doilies of one kind or another. Sadly without a use in today's world of decorating. I have enjoyed creating beautiful lavender sachets using these precious pieces of the past and giving them a new use.

I have been involved with needlework of one kind or another throughout my lifetime - needlepoint - embroidery - knitting - sewing - but never learned to crochet. Perhaps that has something to do with this love of mine for these particular linens trimmed so profusely with crochet lace.

Whatever the reason the fact remains that they are each beautiful in their own special way. They have captured my senses with their beauty and feel and smell - since I store them with lavender - and definitely call out to my heart.

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  1. Your blog is very impressive and I just love that English tablecloth!
    - Sierra

  2. The white linens are just beautiful...of course I love, love, love the transferware too!