Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Welcomed Surprise -

This has been a difficult week for us. We brought my 99 year old dad to live with us in November - a strong willed Sicilian. Last Monday he was brought to the hospital with conjestive heart failure. He is home with us now and hopefully will be back to his old self shortly. Thank you for all those prayers!

Traveling back and forth to the hospital all week has been most tiring and stressful. What a nice surprise it was for me to find that Nancy (Nancy's Daily Dish) had given me the Sunshine Blog Award! Thank you Nancy - Your timing was perfect!

I first met Nancy on Twitter where she tweets under the name Transferware. This immediately caught my attention as I am also fond of this wonderful antique china. I then located her blog and found that her collection is outstanding and displayed beautifully.

Again - Thank You Nancy - for this spot of sunshine in my life!

Rules for accepting the award are as follows:

Put the Sunshine Blog Award logo in your post or on your blog, or both.
Give the award to 12 bloggers and include links to their blogs in your post.
Let the nominees know they have been given the award by commenting on one of their posts.
Share the link to the person from whom you received the award.

I would like to honor these bloggers with this award for their unique perspectives, writing, creativity and inspiration they each give to me and others:

Norbridge Antiques - A Lovely Lady With Lovely Antiques
Gertrude's Garret - Like Nancy - Wonderful Information About TransferWare
Nest By Tamara - Always A Beautiful Place To Visit
The Jewel Box Home - Full Of Creative Ideas
Tesoro Fino - Fine Treasures - Wonderful!
Interior Concepts By Wanda Horton - Very Special Interior Designer
The Spice Girl - Yummy!
The Spiced Life - Finally Found A Recipe For Chocolate & Sea Salt Cookies
A Collection A Day, 2010 - Such Fun!
Pinch My Salt - Special Lemon Shortbread And Much More
The Antique Linen Cupboard - Very Special English Linens
The Vintage Hope Chest - One Of My First Internet Mentors

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  1. Thanks so much for the award! I'm glad you like the cookies as much as I do.

  2. It's so great to hear from you and I am so sorry for the situation you are dealing with ~ I totally understand. Glad to see ya still have your tag cloud ~ it still looks great! I certaintly don't deserve any award but is is certainly nice you thought of me :) Keep in touch when you are able. Judi

  3. Thank you for this award, and for your sweet words. I am flattered to be in such great company with you, and the other winners of the Sunshine Blog Award.

  4. Thank you so much for this! Today is my birthday, so this was a lovely thing to find in my mailbox this morning! I have always enjoyed perusing your site for antique Limoges-it's like a wonderland...I'm off to check out the other winners!

  5. Thank you for your kinds remarks about my blog and transferware. I'm off to look at all the blogs you've mentioned here. I hope your Dad is rested, feeling better and healty again very soon. Kind wishes to you ~ Nancy

  6. I love your site, great information,. Sometimes the caretakers needs the most TLC.


  7. Karena - yes I am learning that - back in the hospital and now home again - this time with the help of Hospice

  8. Thank you so much - and to think that a year ago I had no idea what a darn blog has been a 10 month eye opening experience to meet all these wonderfully supportive folks from all around the world. Tag you are it - and I have nominated you for as my top 10 favorite blogs as well. since my blog is all about "nesting" and from my interior designer's perspective, an antique expert such as yourself has been instrumental in helping me to round out my views....thanks a bunch.