Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Theodore Haviland - Romeo Blank With Gold Trim - Schleiger 304 -

A favorite among Haviland China lovers is the Romeo Blank with double gold trim - identified by Arlene Schleiger as Schleiger 304.

The blank is the piece of china before it is decorated - the white ware - with its shape and embossing defined. The Romeo Blank - Schleiger 300 - is gently scalloped with some rim embossing. However, this blank really comes into its own with the variation - Schleiger 304 - with the double gold trim.

Many of the patterns found on this particular blank are very similar with patterns of small pink roses or other flowers. These patterns are often combined to create a wonderful table setting with the primary unifying aspect being the Romeo Blank and secondarily the pink color. In fact, most often these types of combined table settings have a much more special effect than a table with the china all identical. Looking at the pictures presented here one can easily imagine such a table setting.

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  1. Thanks for penning such an informative blog. Everything I know about Haviland and Theodore Haviland china Ive learned here. I do still have some room for improvement however. I have a pattern I've identified as being Theodore Haviland on the Romeo Blank, but I'm unable to determine with any degree of certainty the Schleiger pattern # ... I thought you might be able to help so i'll post a link to a photo I took of the pattern... If you find the time I'd greatly appreciate your help