Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Is This? A Very Interesting Piece Of Sterling Silver

Recently we came across a bag lot of silver pieces we had brought back with us from the East Coast last fall. It had been purchased at auction last summer. As usual my husband began cleaning and identifying the various pieces. When he came to this piece his research came up with nothing. The only marking is sterling and it is very small - measuring only about 3 5/8 inches long.

A sweet little scoop with holes - but what was it used for?

Since our inventory is mostly made up of antique china and silver pieces we are very aware that at the turn of the century dining was indeed a special event with a piece of china and silver for every imaginable use.

I posted my query about this little scoop to a couple of websites. After many suggestions from the Antique and Collectible Silver Group on I Antique Online such as a marrow scoop, a honey spoon or a sugar sifter, one of the group members suggested contacting the Silver Forum. It was there the mystery was finally solved.

It is an individual nutmeg sifter!

A member of the Silver Forum answered - I learned about nutmeg sifters recently from Lee Gillespie and Mark Simon at a local antique show. They are the authors of PERSONAL SILVER OF THE VICTORIAN AGE AND BEYOND, "A Book for Identification and Practical Uses"

I have become so attached to this small piece of sterling silver and its unique use that it may be a while until it becomes available at our internet store Holly Lane Antiques.

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