Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Biggest Teapot I Have Ever Seen -

This is a very large and quite unusual teapot. I have never seen one quite like it!

It was made by Copeland Spode England. The pattern is Camilla. Camilla Is A Brown Transferware Pattern. The Central Spray Is Thought To Be Of The Tea Plant Camellia Sinensis From Which The Pattern May Have Derived Its Name. This pattern was designed in 1833. It was first printed in blue and later offered in a wide variety of colors - brown being one of the rarer colors.

This teapot measures 13 1/2 inches across including the handle and spout and stands 7 1/4 inches tall. It is so large there is a second handle above the spout - necessary since it is quite heavy when full.

Such a tea party one could have with this pot!

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