Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Antique Linens ~ Lavender Sachets

New Heirlooms Hand Made From Antique And Vintage Linens.

I have been collecting Antique and Vintage Linens for many years. There is nothing quite like the linens of the past with their lovely hand work - embroidery and lace and crochet edges.

One has to admire the talented ladies who found time to do such handwork - most often learned as a child as the skills were passed down through the generations. Most spent many hours creating items for their hope chests - items of all sizes from the smallest of doilies to the large table coverings and bed linens.

All those small doilies - seemingly useless in our modern day life - have been reborn into beautiful Lavender Sachets. Each is hand made and unique to the antique piece taking on its own shape and personality and filled with dried Lavender flower buds.

Lavender is a wonderful fragrance!

Inhale the scent slowly and deeply and the combination of breathing deeply and inhaling the Lavender scent will calm nervous tension, anxiety and panicky feelings.

Lavender also helps for more restful sleep - hang one of these charming sachets on your bedpost.

The wonderful scent and calming effects of Lavender are well known but most are not aware that Lavender is a natural repellent for moths and fleas. Hang a Lavender sachet in your closet or tuck one in your drawers or linen cabinet - so much more pleasing than common repellants.

A Lovely Use For An Antique Item!

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