Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Special Quilt -

Being a frustrated quilter myself, I am in awe of the quilts made long ago by those who were not so easily frustrated.

This is an especially lovely Antique Quilt! The pieced pattern is quite simple - triangles in a variety of small print red fabrics. I have been told that these fabrics date to the late 1800's dating this quilt to the early 1900's

It is the hand quilting that makes this Antique Quilt outstanding. All of those tiny stitches sewn in parallel curved lines. This quilting pattern is called The Baptist Fan. It is stunning!

- And also inspirational - Perhaps it is time I overcame my frustration and faced the challenge of quilting again.

This quilt is available for purchase at Holly Lane Antiques -
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  1. I'm certainly no quilter, but I am just learning to sew! Stop over and see my newest creations! Love the sachets you made too! Judi

  2. hello,
    nice blog. i also love antique quilts and i enjoyed your read.