Monday, March 2, 2009

Theodore Haviland Schleiger 146

Theodore Haviland Limoges Schleiger 146 pattern is one of the all time favorite antique Haviland patterns. The variation on the double gold trimmed St Germain Blank is the most sought after variation. This pattern is especially lovely on this blank! The Schleiger 146 pattern features flowers resembling apple blossoms in shades of pink to white with green leaves and green and gray shadow foliage. The St Germain Blank with double gold trim is identified as Blank 133. The basic St Germain Blank is embossed and gently scalloped. The addition of the double gold trim sets off this pink floral pattern beautifully. This china dates to the early 1900’s.

As commented in an earlier blog most antique Haviland patterns were not named by Haviland. Hundreds of the patterns were organized and identified by Arlene Sclheiger and are now know by their Schleiger numbers.

Holly Lane Antiques has recently acquired a large amount of this very special china including many difficult to locate pieces. For example, egg cups are rarely found.

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